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Signage is an essential part of corporate identity, and the commercial success of any company is dependent, to some degree, upon the physical appearance of its premises. After all, it's the first thing that potential customers will see. Signs that are dirty, not fully illuminated, poorly maintained and in disrepair project a negative image to your clientele. This is further emphasised during the winter months when the illuminated signs are exposed to the public for longer periods of time. Sign maintenance and regular sign servicing and cleaning of the face materials, inside and outside removes the dirt and mould, which if left unchecked, can cause permanent damage. Brightly illuminated signs attract customers, aid and support corporate branding and over all improve your location's appearence.

Wether you're a national chain or a local business, Sign Source maintence team can keep your signage bright, fresh and in tip top condition. Painting, repairing, cleaning, relamping signs and all exterior lighting, are just some of the maintience services we offer.


Installation Services Sign Source not only install our own signs, but we also install signs for other major sign companies as well. Let us coordinating with other contractors, excavation, concrete foundation and sign installations. We can also maintain the signs we install for your company that will help keep your customers satisfied. Contact us for all your sign needs.


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A comprehensive site survey is a vital part of a successful sign project. An accurate analysis of building and site conditions will ease the decision making process for new signage and eliminate any possibilities of errors. All information gathered by Sign Source assures consistency and accuracy. Our surveys range from simple drive-by photographs to highly detailed surveys. All of our surveys are submitted digitally and each survey project is tailored to customer's needs.

Most of our survey packages include:

Site plan with measurements

Elevation measurements

Photographs of building and existing signs

Existing signage data Report of any unusual conditions that might be an obstacle during installation

Interior surveys

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Not 30 feet tall? Need a hand reaching high places? Contact us for our bucket truck and lifting services. Sign Source is equipped with the capabilities to reach heights to help you achieve whatever job you need done. Painting, chiming cleaning, pressure washing, or maybe even putting the star on the Christmas tree in the front yard. Our fleet includes a 33 foot bucket truck and a 90ft 26 tone National 980A crane for your heavy lifts.
Tree trimming can really put a demand on someone's body. Climbing a tree when you were a young kid seemed so easy. As we age, it is harder and harder to get up the tree if you don't have the proper equipment. Not only that, it can be very dangerous. Sign Source has the proper equipment to safetly perform your tree trimming and cutting needs. We service both homeowners and business owners with our tree trimming and cutting services.

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Workers Compensation Board form in .PDF format - sign-source-wcb.pdf

Liability Insurance form in .PDF format - sign-source-liabilityInsurance.pdf

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