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  • Pylon
  • Illuminated
  • Non-Illuminated
  • LED Message Board
  • Awnings
  • 3 Dimensional
  • Vehicle
  • Decals


Sign Source can supply the right pylon sign for your next project, whether a new pylon or renovation of an existing sign. At Sign Source, sign boxes are fabricated from aluminum, which allows for a longer life than other metal extrusions and will not rust or produce oxidation stains. We like to use Lexcan faces which are more durable then traditional accrilc faces, all to keep your pylon looking good for many years to come.










Effective communication about your brand or business vision is extremely important, illuminated signs create an appealing powerful impression and provide legibility and awareness at night for retail stores, buildings, and other environments. Sign Source skillfully designs, produces, and installs a full range of illuminated signs to meet any specifications. Created from translucent lexan with vinyl or fully printed graphics, illuminated sign boxes are a popular choice as either single or double sided signs.
Channel letter signage can make a bold, professional, sophisticated, or fun statement about your business. When it comes to variety there is no shortage of possible options available. A standard channel letter is a 3 dimensional sign element. These are fitted with LED module lights if illumination is desired. A durable lexan face is cut to fit the letter can to complete the construction of the sign.







Non-Illuminated signage has many applications for benefiting your company, employees, and customers. Directional signs, informational signs, construction signs, road side signs, cast metal lettering, plastic lettering, banners and billboards are just a few examples of these useful signs.










LED Message Boards are designed for high visibility along any local city street or high-speed road. The unique, modular, state-of-the-art design produces a dynamic advertising message center that is highly energy efficient, easy to operate, install and service.

  • Character sizes from 5 inches to over 44 inches tall
  • PureColor™, exposed LED pixel design enables optimized readability
  • Over 200 sizes from 1.5' x 5' to 14' x 46'
  • Convenient PC control from home/office
  • Convenient calendar scheduling of messages
  • Wired or wireless connectivity
  • 256 shades of red or amber
  • Display text, graphics and animations (BMP/GIF)
Make a positive and lasting impression with custom style awnings and canopies. All awnings and canopies are constructed to achieve the highest standards of quality, while incorporating excellence in appearance and functionality. Awnings reduce heat, glare, and sun damage, helping you save on air conditioning costs. Frames are aluminum 1″ x 1″ extrusion welded to insure quality. Covers include woven types, vinyls, and backlit types. Logos or graphics can be applied to almost every type of awning.









Sign Source will create for you a finely crafted dimensional look that will set your sign apart. Using sandblasting and/or routering techniques, we can give you a look of quality craftsmanship and superior design. Applications for this type of signage is limitless, and built of the most durable material available. Redwood, in the top grades, is almost impossible to buy. Cedar does not have near the natural resistance to dry rot; not does it have the dramatic grain pattern sandblasted redwood signs are famous for. All our sandblasted signs are now built of HDU, or high-density urethane foam. Widely used in the sign industry for years, this material is impervious to moisture and completely stable over a wide range of temperatures. This gives it much greater weather resistance than any wood. Finishes last much longer. Grain is created during the sandblasting process, so each sign has the most dramatic wood grain pattern.









Vehicle graphics provide your company with a mobile billboard as you move about the community. We produce graphics ranging from single color name and phone numbers, to complex, full color graphic wraps - in any price range. We also design and apply custom graphics on boats, motorcycles and RVs. Increase your visibility, enhance your presence in the market and advertise the great services & products your company provides.

Vehicle Magnetic Signs

They have a 7 to 10 year life with proper care. We use the same high quality material we use for our commercial vehicle graphics. Magnetic signs can be cut to fit many different designs and shapes.

Removable magnetic signs turn any vehicle into "THE" company car.









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Have a car, toolbox, hardhat, etc? Names, Nicks, phone numbers, quotes, phrases, web addresses You name it...

Promote your business, band, group or cause. Decals are like “mini-billboards”, working 24/7 to get your important message across.

Decals available in full color and die cut to any shape you like. Quanties of 50, 100 and larger orders avaiable.

If you have your own design you can send it to:









What's Your Sign?

Signs are the most efficient and effective means of communication. They reach people who are passing by your establishment. They tell people who you are and what you are selling.

They are inexpensive, available, practical, easy to use, always on the job. Your sign communicates to customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Whether you choose temporary, channel letters, back lit, or front lit sign, Sign Source will design the best sign, using the best substrates, to best fit your budget and needs.

Sign Source can also supply your customized promotional needs.